Toronto Singles Class Structure

Please don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of info on this page.  Ralph will guide you through this process and have a summary of these steps on his 40″ TV.

The length of each class depends on attendance.  If every spot is filled (with 10 participants), the class should last 3.5 hours.

Each participant will have a couple of minutes to share their name, preferred pronoun, and (if 100% comfortable) their answers to questions 3 and 6 from the Toronto Singles Workbook.

During the Introductions and Goal Sharing, Ralph will circulate a tray of beautiful wooden rings. First timers will select a ring to symbolize the relationship they’re about to enter with themselves.  This ring can go on any finger.  If you’ve already received a ring at a previous class, please pass the tray, unless your ring is lost, broken or forgotten.

Each participant will lead the class for 15 minutes.  When you take this role,  you’ll start by sharing your answers to questions 13, 16, 17 and 21 from the Toronto Singles Workbook (if 100% comfortable).  From there, you’ll identify one goal (or topic) from the question 27 of the Workbook, your strengths and challenges around this, and use your remaining time to receive a 5-minute tarot reading from Ralph and BRIEF feedback from other members. As Temporary Leader, you decide how to use your 15-minutes. If you have a lot to say, feel free to spend the majority of your time discussing your goal and less time receiving feedback.  Either way, we are here for you. 🙂

At every class, you’ll receive an Intention Card. To start the ritual, write ONE goal this Card that will bring you closer to manifesting love.  Do not choose goals that manipulate the free will of, or bring harm to, another person.

Next, Ralph will pass around a bottle of Magical  Abundance Oil .  Anoint your finger with this oil and rub it on THE BACK of your Intention Card. This will seal your intention into the card. Then rub some oil on the ring Ralph gave you at your first class.

Fold  your Intention Card three times (like you’d fold a letter for an envelope) and put it into Ralph’s cauldron so it’s standing up. Once this is done, Ralph will recite an ancient and powerful incantation from the High Priest Aaron that is used to grant wishes.

After this, close your eyes and spend 10-minutes visualizing success with your goal.

After the visualization, Ralph will set the Intention Cards on fire as everyone says (in unison):

Magic fire,
Please grant my goal!
Magic fire,
Enchant my soul!

  • After your first class, you might want to start working on a Vision Board (see instructions).
  • Acts of kindness and gratitude are a fantastic way boost your frequency and attract good fortune  🙂