Toronto Singles



We provide a FRIENDLY, SAFE and INCLUSIVE space where Toronto singles use introspection, peer support, tarot insights, and the Law of Attraction to prepare for a healthy relationship.

  • LGBTQ folks are welcome. However, we also offer a program specifically for LGBTQ SINGLES.

Wishful thinking is very powerful. But that alone won’t bring someone wonderful into your life. Manifesting requires effort, a path forward, and a supportive network.

That’s how we can help!

At every meeting, each participant gets 15 minutes to discuss the type of relationship they want to manifest and identify a goal that will bring them closer to this outcome.  During this time, Ralph (Certified Life Coach) will give a five-minute tarot reading, followed by feedback from other members. Each meeting ends with a powerful Magic Spell that combines White Magic with the Law of Attraction.

When you book a meeting, you’ll instantly receive a link to the Toronto Singles Workbook (check your junk folder).  Please set aside two to three hours to complete this document before your first meeting.  The 27 questions in this fillable PDF are designed to reveal your unique path towards finding love. These questions are very personal, but rest assured, you don’t need to share anything with the group unless you’re 100% comfortable.

After completing the Toronto Singles Workbook, you’ll know which goals to put on a Vision Board.  If you choose to make one, please see these IMPORTANT instructions.

To create a safe and respectful environment, all members are expected to adhere to our Guidelines.

Ralph  is a Certified Life Coach with 30 years of volunteer experience as a facilitator, and 20-years experience as an Instructor at George Brown College. Ralph’s manifested much in his career — see his Wikipedia page.  He also has 30-years experience as a tarot reader — a skill he learned from his mother. On Google, Ralph has 4.9/5 stars as a tarot reader/life coach.

Toronto Singles is an inclusive group that serves authentic and positive-minded singles who are open to finding love. To join, you’ll need to answer a few screening questions when you book your first meeting. Don’t worry, we’re not looking for “saints.” That would make our group VERY boring — unless you can turn water to wine. 😉



Each meeting costs $25 CAD.

When you book, a $5 non-refundable deposit is required via PayPal. The remaining $20 is paid IN CASH when you arrive.  Please bring exact change.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, choose “Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card” at the bottom of the PayPal landing page.

Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 7pm.  There’s no start or end date for this program, so join at any time.


Here’s a list of gifts members receive after attending a set number of meetings.

Ralph lives at 650 Parliament St, Toronto. You’ll receive his unit number and buzz code upon registration. Please check your junk folder.

Ralph’s building is wheelchair accessible, but his washroom has a narrow entrance and no handrails.

Ralph has two friendly Siamese cats.

Our meetings are NOT scent-free.  We use essential oils and incense for the Magic Spell.

This video shows comfortable and STURDY seating for eight guests at Ralph’s home.  

Please bring a pen, paper, and a (hard or digital) copy of your answers to the Toronto Singles Workbook. Everything else will be provided.  Returning members: please bring the Intention Candle you were given at the last meeting.  If this has burnt out, or is forgotten or lost, or if you have a new relationship goal, you’ll receive a new candle and Abundance Oil 🙂

Click here to see the structure of each meeting.

The maximum number of guests at each meeting is eight. Book your spot below!