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These beautiful, unisex bracelets are made from 4mm Black Onyx beads and can adjust to any wrist size.

Black Onyx is known as a protection stone due to its ability to cleanse the aura and dissolve negative energy. It also imparts self-confidence — bringing ease to your life. Onyx can banish grief, enhance self-control and foster wise decisions. Because of this, it encourages abundance, happiness and good fortune

Ralph has anointed each bracelet with Magic Abundance Oil — made from his unique blend of essential oils. He also performed a powerful, ancient ritual to amplify this bracelet’s protective qualities and bring abundance to the wearer’s life. In this white magic ritual, Ralph conjured the High Priest Aaron — who is the elder brother of Moses. Aaron is able to grants wishes, and is revered in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, and the Baháʼí Faith.

Ralph is offering these bracelets to the first 30 respondents. If this page is up, you’re eligible to participate.  🙂

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