Meeting Structure

The length of each meeting depends on attendance.  If every spot is filled (with 8 participants), the meeting should last 3.5 hours.

Each participant has a couple of minutes to share their name, preferred pronoun, and (if 100% comfortable) their answers to questions 3 and 6 from the LGBTQ Singles Workbook.

Each participant will chair the meeting for 20-minutes.  When it’s your turn to chair,  you’ll start by sharing your answers to questions 13, 16, 17 and 21 from the LGBTQ Singles Workbook (if 100% comfortable).  From there, you’ll identify one goal or topic from the question 27 of the Workbook, your strengths and challenges around this, and use your remaining time to receive a 5-minute tarot reading from Ralph and feedback and questions from other members.

At your first meeting you’ll receive a free Intention Candle and a small bottle of Abundance Oil . Please bring your candle to future meetings. If your candle has burnt out or is lost or forgotten, or if you have a new relationship goal, you’ll receive a new Intention Candle and another bottle of Abundance Oil at your next meeting.

To start the ritual, use a pen to carve your goal into your Intention Candle. Then anoint your finger with Abundance Oil and rub it over the words you just carved. This will seal your intention into the candle.

The first few steps can be skipped if you bring your Intention Candle from the last meeting.

Next, light your candle and place it in a special holder (see image). The group will spend 10-minutes visualizing success with their goals while the Intention Candles burn.  Afterwards, everyone will say, “May this goal be achieved!” in unison and blow out the cluster of intention candles.  This act will be reminiscent of making a wish and blowing out birthday candles 🙂

  • Please keep your Intention Candle in a safe place and bring it to the next meeting.
  • After your first meeting, you might want to start working on a Vision Board (see instructions).
  • The Abundance Oil can be worn daily (on the solar plexus) to attract good fortune. Do not consume this oil.
  • Acts of kindness are a fantastic way boost your frequency and attract abundance, but please do not spread yourself too thin 🙂