FAQ – Bookings at Cranberries

Do I have to e-transfer my $12 deposit?

If you prefer, you can make your $12 deposit(s) with Paypal.  Or, if you’re a Psychic Brunch regular, please email Jeff and ask him to waive your $12 deposit so you can pay the full fee(s) upon arrival. PLEASE NOTE: we’ll only do this if you come to the Psychic Brunch on a regular basis.

How do I change a booking?

Bookings can only be changed two days before the each event (Friday at 9am until Saturday at 9pm). Please follow these two easy steps:
1. Choose your new appointment(s) on our Online Booking Page
2. Delete your unwanted appointment(s).

I selected an appointment, but when I click on “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE” nothing happens!

This only happens when another customer books the exact same appointment moments before you. Please choose a different time for your appointment.

My preferred Psychic is marked as “UNAVAILABLE.”

This can mean your Psychic is booked solid. Please return to our Online Booking Page in 20-minutes to see if additional appointments have been added.

I wasn’t able to book my readings back-to-back.

When scheduling readings at the Psychic Brunch, please try to book appointments that are 19 or 38-minutes apart. If your wait time is longer, we suggest deleting one of your appointments and choosing a different Psychic (with more openings).

If you’re splitting a $42 Package with a friend, feel free to book appointments at the same time.

I’m not great with computers. Is there another way to book my readings?

Our Online Booking Page might seem daunting to anyone who’s inexperienced with computers. If you prefer, you can email Jeff your phone number and he’ll call you at 9am (the day of the event) and schedule your appointments manually.